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Experienced New Jersey Business Brokers

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Experienced New Jersey Business Brokers

Experienced Pennsylvania Business Brokers

Experienced Delaware Business Brokers 

As a team of professionals, we collaborate with industry luminaries and leverage our networks to accurately determine a fair market value for its clients’ business with the highest level of discretion.

We use a team of industry experts to compile strategic marketing collateral and supplementary material that positions the business as a key acquisition opportunity. This is meticulously executed while adhering to the strictest confidentiality, protecting the sellers’ interests at all times.

Leveraging our unrivaled private equity networks, we use distinctive and trusted methods to target the right buyers and match them to the business. Our hands-on approach has served us well in all our transactions in the past, and it continues to do so.


Part of understanding the seller’s business is doing a deep dive into the key performance indicators to understand reasons for performance and non-performance.

To this end, Atlantic Business Brokers implements a proven strategy including marketing, buyer interest, and targeted campaigns to its network and qualified database.

Business Broker Meeting

Our Process 


Gain an understanding of the business

Draft Listing Agreement

Generate an Most probable Selling Price

Recommend a selling price

Produce Marketing Materials (CIM/CBR)

Buyer Outreach

Commence Marketing 

Buyer Screening

Info sharing with buyer

Setting up buyer-seller meetings

Coordinate incoming offers


Occupy intermediary position to conclude the transaction

Penny Papaionnou Business Broker

 ​"Whether selling or buying a business, it is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in life. We take our philosophy and values seriously and look forward to helping our clients in their journey."   Penny Papaioannou

Systems           Experience             Teamwork 


Our strategic principles


Atlantic Business Brokers’ values and strategic principles are the levers from which its entire business model operates. 

Our hands-on approach has served us well in all our transactions in the past, and it continues to do so.

Our fundamental focus is to maintain the strictest confidentiality in identifying the most suitable buyer for every business we are engaged with. As an impartial stakeholder, we are committed to offering real value to the seller by fairly appraising the business according to specific criteria. 


Stringent buyer screening processes are undertaken with every transaction we undertake. Throughout the deal transaction, we are engaged in consultative discussions with professionals including a robust network of lenders, attorneys, and accountants.

Atlantic Business Brokers has the necessary knowledge and expertise to seamlessly handle every aspect of the business selling processes – from initial consultation to deal closure with the highest level of ethics and professionalism.


We represent our clients, and we will manage their interests from the start of the transaction to its final stage when skiing your business in New Jersey. 

Business Valuation


Business men shaking hands
  • Excellence in all that we do

  • Operating with integrity to conduct our business honesty and ethically

  • Intuitive listening to our clients’ requirements

  • Respect for all people - putting people first

  • Teamwork - working with all stakeholders to accomplish the same objectives

  • Passionate about everything we do

  • Innovative thinking to deliver extraordinary results

  • Promote a positive mental attitude in all situations

  • Have Fun in all we do in life.

Atlantic Business Brokers is a Business Brokerage Company based in New Jersey.


The company specializes in the sale of small to mid size businesses in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. 


Atlantic Business Brokers works closely with sellers to determine the best exit strategy to fit their individual needs.


We determine a fair market value, put together a marketing strategy and market the business in a confidential manner to protect the best interests of our sellers. 


Our primary focus is to identify the best-suited buyer for the business. We screen all buyers and work closely with all the professionals involved with the transaction.


We handle all aspects of the process from the negotiations to the settlement; we are a part of the whole transaction. 


We work with buyers to determine what business best fits their needs and help them through the process from start to finish.


 We have a network of Lenders, Attorneys and Accountants we work with and can make a referral based on your needs.


Call today for a confidential consultation and we can provide an Opinion of Value for your business. 

Our Philosophy  “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want”  Zig Zigler

New Jersey Business Brokers
Pennsylvania Business Brokers
Delaware Business Brokers

New Jersey Business Broker

Sample of Our Sold Listings


We offer confidential consultations to business owners owners 


Confidentiality is maintained throughout 

the selling process


We provide an Opinion of Value for your business 

Deal Negotiations

We handle all the negotiations from start to Sold 

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